Introducing Armchair Books: 5 reasons you need us.

Introducing Armchair Books: 5 reasons you need us.


Two years ago I finished writing my first novel; then I began researching how to publish my work. It was initially discouraging to discover the wall between authors and traditional publishing houses until I discovered that many authors are taking control of their own work by choosing to self-publish. Self-publishing has had a reputation of poorly designed books, error filled pages, and little success. These are the opinions traditional publishers want you to believe. More writers are speaking up and taking charge. More writers are finding success through self-publishing. The wave of the future is independent writers becoming their own agents. Writers who are passionate about their work, and are not afraid to work for their success are changing what we believe about publishing.

“The wave of the future is independent writers becoming their own agents.”

If you Google self-publishing you will find an array of options. For me, all the options were daunting. I purchased books on Amazon about publishing and did a lot of research online. I called publishers to ask about their services. For a while I considered the free services of Amazon’s publishing label, Createspace, but learned no bookstore would sell with that label on the book. (Bookstores don’t even like the mention of Amazon). I wanted the ease of Amazon online selling, but the option of being sold in stores too. This decision led me to choose a small publisher who could hold my hand a little bit through the bigger tasks of publishing and a label that could be sold in stores.

“For a while I considered the free services of Amazon’s publishing label, Createspace, but learned no bookstore would sell with that label on the book.”

Now that I am working on my second novel I have decided to forge another independent path—my own publishing label. When I signed on with a small publisher it came with a price in the thousands. Even though I signed with the smallest publishing package offered, the cost made the difference between breaking even on my first novel and actually making a profit. This is where the idea of Armchair Books was born.

Introducing Armchair Books:

With Armchair Books our options will help you navigate publishing with as little or as much help as you need. We want you to be successful in your dream of becoming an author. Here are some reasons you will enjoy working with Armchair Books:

  1. Traditional publishing can take years and you are ready now. Traditional publishers no longer accept a manuscript unless it comes from an agent. You will need to write query letters and mail them to several agents. Once you find an agent they will begin the process of finding a publisher for your work. On average, from the time your agent receives your idea, to publication, is two years. This time frame assumes your agent finds a publisher in 2-3 months. More than a dozen publishers rejected J.K. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series. With Armchair Books you can start the process now. Once your manuscript is ready you can have a printed book in your hand within a matter of months.
  1. We offer free advice to inspire and help you. Once a month we will release a blog focused on the issues you are interested in. Advice focused on issues like how to find an editor, how to work through writers block, how to avoid typical mistakes writers make, and how to market your finished work. We really do want you to succeed.
  1. You want to self-publish, but you have a tiny budget. Our smallest package will include use of the Armchair Books label that will include ISBN’s for a printed and eBook format, and will cost under $200. Our most extensive package will include your own website, publishing formatting, and a marketing package to assist you in getting your book into the stores. You will not be forced into spending more than you wish, only because the one thing you want is in the most expensive package.
  1. Online selling made easy. If you choose to carry the Armchair Books label, your book will be listed for sale on our website, along with an author profile where your readers can connect with you or your social media. You will pay as little as $1 per book sold through our label. Part of your success is not loosing the profits on your work. You will receive regular updates on your sales and revenue. 
  1. We want you to succeed. Armchair Books is passionate about writers because we are not only a publisher, we are owned by an author. Tina Stephens has done the research, published, and marketed her own work. She is determined to not only succeed herself, but to help others make their dreams come true too. You will not be alone on your journey. You already have a cheerleader.

More information will be following soon as the packages are completed for our authors. If you have questions or want to know more, please contact us through email:


Tina Stephens

Owner of Armchair Books &

Author of The Common Hours